Digital Trust Summit Speaker

Juleigh Cook

Acting Head of Digital Identity,
Digital Transformation Agency (Australia)

I have a demonstrated history of working in and across government, looking for ways to make our Juleigh Cook is the Head of the Digital Identity Branch within the Digital Transformation Agency. She is responsible for key elements of both the Digital Identity program including Strategy, Engagement, Communications, Policy and Legislation. She has a background in delivering Government programs that focus on making it easy for people to interact with Government services. She holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Public Administration from Flinders University and a Bachelors degree in Sociology and Anthropology from the University of Newcastle. She has worked to develop and deliver the Digital Identity strategy for the last three business cases and navigates this high profile whole of Government program across a number of partner agencies.

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Digital Trust Hui Taumata Summit 2022

Time Agenda
  • Operating Australia’s Trust Digital Identity Framework (TDIF) – what we would do again, and what we would do differently
  • Australia’s Digital Identity legislation – current status, next steps and the case for global policy interoperability
Juleigh Cook 
Acting Head of Digital Identity, Digital Transformation Agency (Australia)

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