Established by Digital Identity New Zealand, the 2022 Digital Trust Aotearoa Hui Taumata provides an opportunity for New Zealand businesses, policy makers and public and private stakeholders to come together to share best practice and insights into the critical elements underpinning a thriving digital Trust Economy.     

Digital Trust Hui Taumata Summit 2022

Janelle Riki-Waaka Kaiwhakahaere, Riki Consultancy
Hon Dr David Clark Digital Economy and Communications -Minister, New Zealand Government
  • What underpins trust in Aotearoa, and how does this manifest in a digital context?
  • Considering the complex intersection of human rights, sociology, self-determination, and technology
  • Towards an equitable digital future
  • Modelling inclusion through actively seeking workforce diversity
Tamāra Al-Salim Product Owner, IdAM & PKI, NZDF, NZ Country Ambassador, Women in Identity
  • What does trust mean for the private sector?
  • Collaborative innovation: Working with your competitor 
  • Compliance with standards, portability & interoperability
Chris Claridge CEO – Potatoes NZ Inc., & Chair, Trust Alliance NZ
Roxanne Salton Chief Digital Officer, Southern Cross Health Society
Jody Bullen Head of Open Banking, ANZ
  • Operating Australia’s Trust Digital Identity Framework (TDIF) – what we would do again, and what we would do differently
  • Australia’s Digital Identity legislation – current status, next steps and the case for global policy interoperability
Juleigh Cook Acting Head of Digital Identity, Digital Transformation Agency (Australia)
  • Virtual worlds. We’ve had them for years, what’s new?
  • Digital assets. The world of tokens and decentralised finance (web3!)
  • Digital identity, verifiable credentials and the reputation economy
David Birch Author, advisor, commentator, Digital financial services

Delegates will be invited to choose their topics of choice at these facilitated discussions. Led by an industry expert, connect and network with your peers around the challenges and triumphs with your digital identity journey. Topics may include:

  • What should be (and not be) in the proposed 2022 Consumer Data Right Bill? 
  • The case for/against policy for decentralised identity as a default preference
  • How do we improve digital literacy and equity across civil society?
  • “Operationalising privacy – preventing bad behaviour before the Privacy Act punishes – what can we do better?”
  • Which should come first – standards development or policy/regulation?
  • Do we know enough about Trust and people’s perspectives of it before considering Digital Trust and Digital Identity?
  • Does anything need to be added to the NZ DISTF Bill and Rules before enacting? 
  • What is Web 3.0 and can it help improve Digital Trust? Facilitator: David Birch
  • Digital Identity or digital entitlement/authorisation – which is more important?
  • Should all Aotearoa New Zealanders be provisioned with a digital wallet? 
  • The full Zero Trust reference architecture: best practice models for securing data
  • What are the top trends in Identity Management and how can your organisation leverage these for customer success?
  • Why Identity is the foundational layer to build contextual access controls

An opportunity to hear from industry leaders and practitioners as they unpack the triumphs and challenges facing those at the coal face.

Nigel Dasler CEO, JNCTN
Representative , Frankly AI
  • Building trust through fit for purpose customer interfaces and positive use experiences
  • Exploring barriers to adoption for the end user 
  • Using accessible and clear language in communications around digital identity
Kaye-Maree Dunn Co-Founder, Āhau
  • Outlining the infostructure: organising principles, client-side technologies, cloud services, and network business models 
  • Critical steps towards fair, transparent, and commercially sustainable Verifiable Credentials and Verifiable Information Exchange
Steve Wilson Managing Director, Lockstep Consulting Australia