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About Digital Trust Hui Taumata // Summit 2022

The Digital Trust Hui Taumata // Summit is not only an event but a call to action. We invite public and private stakeholders to come together and share their insights on building a thriving and resilient trust economy for the benefit of all New Zealanders. 

Scheduled for the 27th of July and with a one-day programme featuring keynote talks, panels, use cases and roundtable discussions, the Digital Trust Summit is a must-attend event for all those vested in the future of New Zealand’s digital ecosystem.

The summit will provide an opportunity for New Zealand businesses, policymakers and stakeholders to come together to share best practices and insights into the critical elements underpinning a thriving digital Trust Economy.

Summit objectives

Personal data is the new currency of the digital economy. Used effectively, personal data can deliver benefits for individuals, businesses and government. But as Aotearoa reaches its digital adolescence, pertinent questions remain:

  • How will identity, security and experience integrate?
  • How can citizens maintain sovereignty over their personal data?
  • What underpins a successful transition toward open finance in Aotearoa?
  • How will Te Ao Māori be woven into Aotearoa’s Digital Identity?
  • What are the global opportunities for Aotearoa as a ‘trusted digital economy’?

With an undoubtedly kiwi flavour, the Digital Trust Hui will seek to answer these questions with the help of international leaders and local test cases.

Who should attend?

You cannot afford to miss this event if you are involved in:

  • digital identity
  • eCommerce and sales
  • cyber security
  • online banking
  • finance and payments
  • digital governance and data handling
  • legal and regulatory frameworks
  • academia
  • data science and tech development
  • cultural and thought leadership
  • tech startups and entrepreneurial endeavours

Experience the Digital Trust Hui Taumata // Summit 2022 by joining us digitally, or in person at Te Papa, Wellington, New Zealand, 27 July.


The Digital Trust Summit was created by NZTech and Digital Identity New Zealand (DINZ) with the intention to build a sustainable event that supports the advancement of New Zealand’s digital exports and commerce, digital public policy, and the nation’s overall economic prosperity.

The summit coincides with the Government’s Digital Technologies Industry Transformation Plan (NZ Tech ITP) – an industry / government collaboration designed to grow our domestic digital technologies sector.

The ITP vision

The NZ Tech ITP will articulate a long term vision for the sector and an action plan to help move the sector towards that vision. The draft vision for the digital technologies sector is:

“The world looks to Aotearoa New Zealand as a leader in ethical, innovative, inclusive and sustainable Digital Technologies. These Technologies enable our economy to prosper, help our businesses to grow stronger and compete internationally, and contribute to the wellbeing of all New Zealanders.”

Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment